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Salamat, Pat. Nung pinicturan mo ako nyan, doon ko narealize na wala nga pala akong kuha na kasama sya at ng banner, gaya ng ginagawa ng ibang fans. Kahit na ako ang nagdesign ng banner na yan for the fanproject. Ewan ko. Subconsciously siguro, parang ayoko na ewan na di ko maintindihan. Siguro dahil ang dami kong dinanas na hirap at sakripisyo sa banner na yan for SS5. Simula nung feeling ko na naapi sya at nangakong “ibabangon ko ang pangalan nya”, sa masigasig kong pagpromote ng fanproject, sa mga pangyayaring nagpatunay sa akin kung totoong loyal ang 1 fan kay Hyuk… at muntik ng pangengealam ng isa dyan na talagang nagpagalit sa akin ng todo at ang pananalig sa mga Jewels na itataas nila ang banner na ito during concert… halo-halo na emosyon at ang daming nangyari, wala na tuloy akong pagkakataon na magpakuha ng larawan na kasama sya at ng banner. Kaya, salamat Pat at nakumbinsi mo ako, na-caught off-guard mo ako dun hehehe.

Hindi sa hindi ako proud: ang totoo, sobrang proud ako sa banner na ito lalo na nung marami ang nagparticipate sa fanproject at wala pa nga sa tamang oras na itaas ito, itinaas na agad ng mga fans lol mga excited. Pero mas lalo akong naging proud nung nakita mo ito Hyuk at napansin mo. Sobra ko talagang na-appreciate kahit masama pa ang pakiramdam ko during the concert. Salamat sa mga Jewels, salamat Hyuk.

Hindi ko alam kung hanggang kailan ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo, pero gagawin ko lang ang nararapat sa iyo bilang pasasalamat. Dahil ikaw ang muling nagbukas ng puso ko at nagpapasaya sa akin noong mga panahong sobrang malungkot ako. Alam ko ring ganyan din ang effect ng ibang Jewels sa tuwing nakikita ka. Masaya na ako na naappreciate mo ang mga fans mo dito. Masaya na rin ako pag masaya ang kapwa ko Jewels. Masaya na rin ako dahil nagkaroon na rin ako ng pagkakataon na makaharap at makausap ka. Sa ngayon, masaya ako na medyo marami na ang nagagawa ng AllRise para kay Hyuk, salamat sa mga admins at mga Jewels. Pinangarap ko talaga na makilala nya tayo.

P.S. Sabi nila, ang swerte mo raw Hyuk to have me as an admin. Sheeez. Gusto kitang sakalin sa totoo lang. Hahaha. Pero oo, TOTOONG SWERTE ka sa akin, loyal noona ito. Kaya pakabait ka dyan lol joke.


Father’s name is Lee Kang Hun.
Mother’s name is Jang Duk-Boon.
Sister’s name is Lee So Ra.


“when our managers deny us food” - poor babies


“when our managers deny us food” - poor babies

If you want to be alive, don’t let Donghae drive!
Lee Hyukjae
Super Junior’s Eun-hyuk speaks out about being a celebrity

It’s tougher than it looks.

On September 13th, Super Junior‘s Eun-hyuk left a very intriguing entry on hisCyworldabout the pains of being a celebrity. It appears that Eun-hyuk has been on vacation in France for the past couple of days, and he used the time to reflect about fame while out of the limelight.

It’s almost semi-poetic the way he talks about how painful it is to have these pressures and criticisms as a celebrity and the obligation not to show any of it, as well as the tearful clown picture he included. Many point out that he may be commenting on the situation with 2PM‘s Jae-bum.


A celebrity…

A job where it’s confirmed from the front, behind…and beside…

In front, they have fans who love them, and celebrities are smiling while watching those fans.

Behind them, there are several arrows flying and piercing their backs.

Unintentionally, the flying arrows sometimes even pierce the fans that are in front.

On both sides, there are masses of people are watching over their front and back.

Even if their back becomes covered in blood from the arrows piercing from behind, they must smile for the sake of the fans that cheer them on and support them.

If they smile and work hard until the end, the public who is watching them on both sides will slowly move to the front.

However if they can’t handle it, and if they’re upsetted a little, (the public) moves to the back and even shoots arrows.

Celebrities don’t know how many people are behind them, or what kind of people or what reason they have for shooting the arrows.

They’re not allowed to turn around and find out either.

Because if they turn around, the fans in the front will become completely shocked when they see the arrows that pierced their back, and the moment they turn, their entire body will be struck with arrows…

No one knows what kind of people are shooting the arrows, what kind of expression they have, or what thoughts run through their minds as they shoot the arrows.

It’s just that they simply enjoy the act itself, and they like it if new celebrities (especially ones with lots of past personal life) come out.


They live on stage and die on the internet…a job where it’s confirmed from front, back and side…

……that is a celebrity.


Although this does seem directed at Jae-bum’s situation, what Eun-hyuk says could honestly apply to any celebrity. It definitely comes with the territory. It’s very true that the better celebrities cope with criticisms the more fan support they get despite their mistakes, as well as general respect for being professional about it from people who aren’t hardcore fans. Everyone is not going to infinitely praise every little thing a celebrity does and ignore their fumbles, but if the celebrity can handle it in stride they can thrive.

[Hat tip to eternalelf13]


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hyukchul best lines。 “Which member has the best temper? -Azio Entertainment“Eunhyuk I guess. Because he’s too kind and innocent. There are times when I even think he’s an idiot. Sometimes I feel sorry him. When I tease him, even if he does make a comeback, *imitates Eunhyuk*. His voice will get softer and softer. Should I say that he’s still like a child? He’s very humorous but yet like a child. Really a good boy.” -Heechul
• Azio Entertainment (2008)

hyukchul best lines。 
“Which member has the best temper? -Azio Entertainment
“Eunhyuk I guess. Because he’s too kind and innocent. There are times when I even think he’s an idiot. Sometimes I feel sorry him. When I tease him, even if he does make a comeback, *imitates Eunhyuk*. His voice will get softer and softer. Should I say that he’s still like a child? He’s very humorous but yet like a child. Really a good boy.” -

• Azio Entertainment (2008)

When I was young, we didn’t have a bathroom in our house, we had none so, there was a train station about 200-300 meters away, we use the bathroom there, we moved often too. Even though we were poor, I didn’t have any complaints, but I hated seeing my parents having a hard time, I hated seeing my mom work. I wished that she stayed home and relax. So we didn’t have any place to call our own until now, I felt very happy after buying this house.


Hyukjae’s fascination with PH ELF’s Blue Ocean Fan Project in DKFC2

You're just too good to be true,

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